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Robb had the opportunity to take part in a weekend dog sledding expedition, several overnight canoe excursions, learned how to wake board, as well as many other fun and exciting activities that most boys his age never have the opportunity to experience.

Camp Ooch was a place where Robb could open up and talk to other kids that were experiencing the same thoughts and fears as he was. Other than camp, Robb kept his sickness to himself. Many of his friends did not know he had cancer as he feared friends and classmates would treat him differently. Camp Oochigeas however, created a safe and welcoming atmosphere where he was able to share stories and engage in the joys of being a child.
Robb was to be an L.I.T. (Leader in Training) once he turned 16, but unfortunately did not get that opportunity, as his cancer progressed and he passed away in May 2009. We feel strongly about our fundraising efforts for Camp Oochigeas, as we want to help other children have an opportunity of a lifetime, like Robb.

About Camp Oochigeas

Founded in 1983, Camp Oochigeas (Ooch) has been providing magical camp experiences for children with and affected by childhood cancer. Camp Ooch is much more than a summer camp. Ooch is the only overnight camp in Ontario to offer onsite IV chemotherapy treatment and blood transfusions. Camp Ooch also offers year-round programs for children with and affected by childhood cancer in Muskoka, at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), various other paediatric hospitals, regional healthcare centres, and Ooch Downtown in the heart of Toronto. Through these programs, Camp Oochigeas provides fun and meaningful experiences to approximately 1,200 children with and affected by childhood cancer each year, at no cost to their families. This is all made possible by the generous support of donors and volunteers.

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4/20/2016Wow! You are 23 now. Love ya.Mom
4/20/2016Wishing you a happy 22nd birthday buddy. Love you and miss you so much! HUGS!Mom
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