Our Mission

Camp Oochigeas is a privately funded, volunteer based organization that provides kids with cancer and kids affected by childhood cancer with a unique opportunity for growth through challenging, fun, enriching and magical experiences.

Every child deserves to experience the wonder of camp. After all, enjoying the outdoors and having fun are two integral parts of being a child. 

Our Programs

At Camp Oochigeas, we give children with cancer the chance to escape to a magical world where sunshine and laughter intertwine, a natural wonderland where friendships and memories replace worries about hospitals and illness. Much more than a summer camp, Camp Oochigeas provides year-round programs for children affected by childhood cancer at our site in Muskoka, the Hospital for Sick Children, and in the heart of Toronto at Ooch Downtown.

All the campers who attend Camp Oochigeas are united by the common bond of cancer, but they are very different otherwise. Some are young children. Some are teenagers. Some have experienced cancer personally. Others have gone through the experience with a sibling. Because cancer affects such a wide range, we offer a wide range of programs for campers from ages 4-19.

One of the most devastating things about childhood cancer is that it removes children from their peer group. Oochigeas is a place where these kids can share their experiences, insights and dreams with other kids their age who understand them. As one camper points out, “At Camp Oochigeas, no one really pays attention to the fact that you have cancer, because everyone does.” This sense of belonging and shared experience builds their confidence and strength. And the cherished and lasting friendships they’ll find at camp will last a lifetime.

As a registered charity that does not receive government funding, Camp Oochigeas relies on the generosity of volunteers and donors in order to provide campers unforgettable experiences at no cost to their families.

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Our Facilities

Ooch Muskoka is a gorgeous 400-acre property on a private lake in the Muskoka region, near Parry Sound, roughly two and a half hours north of Toronto. It has everything a child needs for a magical summer adventure, including a campfire point, gently sloped beach, vast waterfront and large playing fields. Rolling hills, pine trees, rock faces, and a sparkling lake create the perfect natural backdrop for the nurturing experience of camp. Ooch Downtown is our 18,000 square foot office and program space in downtown Toronto, complete with a sports court, teaching kitchen, parent lounge and indoor rock wall.

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