Celebrate Curtis Turning Two!
Dear friends and family,

I am very blessed to be surrounded by loving and wonderful people like you. I am extremely grateful for what my life has brought me. I have everything I can possibly dream of.

In lieu of gifts, you can help me celebrate my second birthday by supporting Camp Oochigeas.

Camp Ooch provides fun and meaningful experiences to children affected by cancer each year, at no cost to their families. 

I look forward to celebrating with you!

Much love,
Curtis xoxox

About Camp Oochigeas

Camp Oochigeas can change a child’s life – for better, and forever. With no government funding, Camp Oochigeas relies on the generosity of volunteers and donors to provide year-round programs for children affected by childhood cancer at their campsite in Muskoka, The Hospital for Sick Children and in the community at no cost to their families.

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