Since 1983, Camp Oochigeas (Ooch) has been building a community and network of volunteers, staff, campers and families who engage with and experience what we fondly refer to as the Magic of Ooch.

"Until I went to Camp I never quite understood what people meant by the Magic of Ooch. It's almost impossible to describe, but the people and the place create this outrageously positive, fun and infectious environment where anything and everything is possible! Maybe it's something in the water!"
Volunteer Counsellor Diana

Connected by a common bond and passion for kids and camp this community is referred to as unique, diverse, encouraging and inspiring. It is built on the pillars of friendship and fun and once experienced, many never want to leave. In response to this, Camp Ooch is building an Alumni Community to keep the “Magic of Ooch” alive in the hearts and lives of everyone it touches. Our vision is simple – engage, connect, empower and equip Camp Ooch Alumni through a sustained community of communication and community gatherings to continue their journey of impact and influence within and beyond the gates of Camp Ooch.

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