Medical Treatment

While Ooch promises to provide great food, accommodation and lots of fun programs, you can rest assured that campers will also have access to the best possible medical care. 

A paediatric oncologist and three oncology nurses from the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) are onsite and available 24 hours a day to administer expert medical treatment through the Med Shed. The Med Shed is a modern, air-conditioned medical facility that functions similarly to a hospital out-patient clinic.

We remain the only camp facility in Canada to offer IV chemotherapy and blood and platelet transfusions onsite. Children who might otherwise be left out of the camp experience can receive treatment while participating in Camp Ooch programs.



All campers and staff live in residence-style buildings that have electricity, washrooms and showers. Each room houses 4-6 campers of the same age group and the shared space makes learning how to live, share and co-operate with others part of the day-to-day experience. Counsellors occupy every second room, ensuring constant supervision.

Meals & More

Campers need lots of energy for all the fun each day holds! A professional catering company provides three nutritionally balanced camper-approved meals every day. Campers eat in the Dining Hall ― though judging by all the other fun activities that take place there, the Dining Hall should also be called the 'singing', 'storytelling' or 'let's have fun' hall. Fruit is available all day and plenty of stops at Camp water stations are encouraged.


At Camp, children are organized into cabin groups of 5-8 campers of a similar age: Junior, Intermediate and Senior. The cabin groups experience all aspects of Camp together. Outside their cabin, campers also have lots of opportunity to interact with other campers in their section and the entire Camp. The close friendships that campers build are cherished relationships later in life.

Most campers attend for a two-week session, but a one-week option is also available for younger first-time campers.


We select our amazing volunteer counsellors based on their experience working with children in a camp environment. They are personally screened and interviewed by  Camp Management and undergo a police check. All Camp Ooch counsellors go through an extensive annual training program, both before Camp and onsite. As well, they are trained in First Aid and Lifeguarding. Activity leaders are also trained and/or certified in activity-specific skills and bring with them a vast array of expertise in their program areas. The minimum age requirement for Camp Ooch counsellors is 19 and volunteers range in age from 19-60. There is a one-to-one counsellor to camper ratio to make sure the individual needs of each camper are met.


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