The Med Shed

The Medical Team at Camp Oochigeas plays an essential role in supporting the safety of campers and volunteers. At Overnight Camp, this team is made up of one paediatric oncologist and three to five nurses, who are available 24 hours a day to administer expert medical treatment. Medical staff also support Day Camp, Tripping and Community programs. Since Camp Oochigeas remains the only camp facility in Ontario that administers IV chemotherapy and blood transfusions on-site, our medical teams are highly specialized nurses and doctors with experience in both paediatrics and oncology.

In addition, medical teams are highly involved in camp life, and the time spent at Camp Ooch can often be as life-changing for the Med Shed staff as it is for the campers we work with. For more information see below:

Our Mission

Camp Oochigeas is a privately funded, volunteer based organization that provides kids with and affected by childhood cancer with unique opportunities for growth through challenging, fun, enriching, and magical experiences. Through an incredible and dedicated team of volunteer counsellors, the support of the medical staff, over 600 children are able to discover the magic and joy of summer camp each year.

Our Campers

Our campers range in age from 4-18 and are in all stages of their cancer experience, from newly diagnosed to those in remission. At our Overnight Camp, a paediatric oncologist and three to five nurses are on site and available 24 hours a day to meet all of our campers’ medical needs. Our Day Camp, based out of Markham, is staffed by one paediatric oncology nurse. We remain the only camp facility in Canada to offer IV chemotherapy onsite. In addition, we offer Camp Teomul, a one-week session specifically for bereaved siblings.


The campers participate in all of the usual camp activities including: swimming, canoeing, waterskiing, kayaking, rock-climbing, crafts, drama, sports, archery, tripping, and more. All activities are adaptive and inclusive so campers of all physical and cognitive abilities can participate. Ooch allows campers to build confidence, courage, lasting friendships, and most of all, to be kids!

Our Staff

It is the generosity of over 500 volunteers that allows the Magic of Ooch to happen. Our volunteer counsellors come from all walks of life – teachers, students, artists, lawyers, etc.  Volunteers range in age from 19 – 60+ years but all share the desire to offer a tremendous amount of love and encouragement to ensure each camper’s experience is not only memorable but valuable.

We also believe strongly in incorporating our medical staff into our camping programs. Medical staff can often be found participating in all aspects of camp – from climbing the high ropes and swimming to performing in skits and talent shows. We believe the camp experience is equally as powerful for the medical staff as it is for the campers.

All-summer staff nurse

This position is open to nurses who will work at the summer residential camp alongside and supporting the volunteer Med Shed team. The successful candidate will enhance the function and weekly transition of the medical teams by being a consistent presence and medical support to the oncologist and nurses. This position is open to new graduate nurses, as well as experienced nurses. Registration with the CNO is required, though temporary or RPN licenses are considered.

Overnight Camp Nursing Opportunities 
Our beautiful 400-acre campsite is located on a private lake near Rosseau, Ontario and has everything a
child needs for a magical summer camp experience. Our current summer overnight program is divided
into 5 sessions;
Camp Teomul – A one week camp for bereaved siblings ages 6-18
Session 1,2,3 - A two week camp session for children with cancer ages 6-14
7scape - A one week camp for teens with cancer ages 15-18
Amongst these sessions are many ONE-WEEK nursing opportunities.
Canoe Trip Nursing

There are a variety of canoe trip nursing opportunities throughout the summer.

Senior Camper Canoe Trip    3 Days - 2 Nights in Massasauga Park

Leader Training Canoe trip    4 Days – 3 Nights at the Frost Centre in Haliburton

Up Stream  10 Days - 9 Night Canoe Trip down the Petawawa River

Each canoe trip is staffed by one nurse, as well as a trip leader and group of counsellors. It is not required that canoe trip nurses have previous camping/canoe trip experience. In addition, a canoe trip specific training session will be offered to all nurses who participate in a canoe trip at Camp Ooch.

Day Camp Nurses

Our youngest campers ages 4-7 have the opportunity to experience the magic of camp right here in Toronto. Day Camp takes place from Monday to Friday, and offers all the fun of Camp without leaving the city. Activities include swimming, gymnastics, theme days, magic shows, and more. Each week of Day Camp is staffed by one paediatric oncology nurse.

Camp Nursing Qualifications
  • Have paediatic nursing experience, and currently work in an acute care centre (please note that oncology experience is preferable but not required for all positions) 

  • Have been working as a nurse for at least 1 year

  • Day Camp Nurses must be paediatric oncology Nurses

  • APHON Chemotherapy providers certification is an asset, but not necessary for all nurses

  • Peripheral IV and blood work skills are an asset, but not required for all positions

  • Be comfortable transferring nursing skills to a more remote setting.

  • Have a keen interest in camp nursing.

  • Be able to commit to one week at Overnight Camp, Day Camp or one entire canoe trip.

  • Attend a Spring Med Shed training session, (dates to be determined)

  • Have a willingness to participate in the fun of camp activities whenever possible.

Med Shed Responsibilities
  • Administer medications for campers

  • Draw blood work

  • Provide blood transfusions

  • Administer chemotherapy

  • Health education and promotion

  • General first aid

  • Assist with medical emergencies

  • Initiate fever/neutropenia care

  • NG/G-tube feeding

  • Central line care

  • Tracheostomy care

  • Wound Care
Trip Nurse Responsibilities
  • Administer medications for campers

  • Health education and promotion

  • General first aid

  • Assist with medical emergencies

  • NG/G-tube feeding

  • Central line care

Day Camp Responsibilities
  • Administer medications for campers

  • Health education and promotion

  • General First Aid

  • Heath promotion and education

  • Assist with medical emergencies

  • NG/G-tube feeding

  • Central line care