Volunteer at camp

By volunteering at Camp Ooch, you will make a meaningful difference in the lives of children with and affected by childhood cancer. Volunteers who work with us experience the Magic of Ooch in every aspect of their experience - everything from interviewing to training to camp and everything in between is filled with intentional learning and fun. Our volunteer community is diverse – ranging in age from 19-60. The one common denominator that binds this community is that every volunteer is passionate and committed to creating the best experience for our campers.

All volunteers start their experience at Over Night Camp or Day Camp at any of the summer sessions in July or August. After spending a week or two weeks at Camp, volunteers are eligible to staff any program that Ooch offers to it's campers from September to June. This includes volunteering on the 8th floor at The Hospital for Sick Children, at Ooch Downtown, and at Over Night Camp during the Fall and Winter months. Camp Ooch is more than a summer camp; we need volunteers 365 days a year!

It is because of our committed volunteer community that over 1200 children with and affected by childhood cancer experience the wonders of Camp, build confidence, challenge themselves and make new friends each year.


There are many opportunities to volunteer in the office or at community fundraising events.


Here's what our volunteers have said about their experience at Ooch:

'I am blessed to be a part of this community and can’t wait to volunteer again’

'Camp Ooch is an amazing magical place and I thank everyone for letting these campers be kids again and remember who they are not what they have’

'This summer has been so much more than I have ever thought could have, the people both campers and staff have become my family and for only being at Camp for one week, that says a lot. Everything from singing and dancing during med distribution to having cabin time before bed this summer has touched me and just confirmed that Ooch really does have magic that brings everyone together. Thank you for an amazing summer.’

 'The volunteers and staff are such a high calibre of people, that I have learned so much just from working alongside them. Most important though is the incredible spirit that campers bring to Ooch. The culture here is incredibly uplifting, positive and encouraging. I am inspired by my campers daily, and my pride in their courage and kindness to others brings me to tears. Going home with a full heart’

 'I was at a Camp for kids with cancer, but eventually it just became Camp’