Camp Oochigeas Tax Receipting Guidelines

Online donations are receipted by email automatically at the time of donation.

Donations for $25.00 or more that are mailed to the Ooch Downtown office or received by phone will be receipted by mail within three weeks. Receipts for donations less than $25.00 are available only upon request.

Receipts from community events will be issued after all revenue is received and reconciled.

Camp Oochigeas issues tax reciepts according to CRA guidelines.



According to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) tax receipting guidelines, for a donation to be eligible for tax receipt the donation must be given freely. If a donation is made as a result of a contractual or other obligation (for example, a court order), it is not eligible for a receipt.

Gifts of property must be approved by Camp Oochigeas prior to donation. Gifts of property must have an invoice or appraisal to show fair market value.

Gifts of service are not eligle for an official tax receipt.

Tax receipts are issued for the date the cash or property was received by Camp Oochigeas.

When a donor receives an advantage or consideration for a donation, (t-shirt, golf fees, dinner) part or all of the donation may no longer qualify as a gift. Purchase of auction items or event tickets are not eligible.

Tax receipts will be issued to the person from whom the money was received unless there is a declaration that the money was collected from another person.


COMMUNITY EVENT Tax Receipting Guidelines

As a registered charitable organization, Camp Oochigeas must follow all Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) rules and regulations. For more information visit, Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). It is your responsibility to communicate tax receipting policies to the participants of your event, so please be sure to educate yourself on Camp Oochigeas policies and discuss questions or concerns you may have with Ooch.

Tax Receipts can be issued for third party fundraising events for donations of $25 and over if:

• A benefit has not been received for the value of the donation (Benefits could include: dinner, alcohol, entertainment, auction, parking, etc. )

• Camp Oochigeas receives a statement showing all revenue and expenses from the community event

• The funds and a complete list of donor names, addresses, and donation amount is received within 90 days of the event

• When funds are received by December 1st in the same calendar year that the event was held.

Camp Oochigeas cannot issue receipts for:

• Purchase of admission tickets or green fees *

• Purchase of an auction or draw item

• In-Kind goods and services donated to an event

• Sponsorship, with a tangible benefit of advertising and promotion is being received in return for payment

Sponsors and in-kind donors may be provided with a business gift letter as proof of contribution.

* Camp Oochigeas does not offer split tax receipting for community event fundraisers.