Your Fundraising Toolkit

What cancer changes, camp sets right. You fundraising efforts go towards sending a child affected by childhood cancer to Camp Oochigeas. With your support, more kids can experience the magic of Camp Ooch and learn how to be a kid again. 

Fundraising Tips and Ideas
There are so many great ways to engage your friends, family, colleagues, and community around this amazing cause. Read up on some simple tips on how to make the 'ask', as well as how you can have fun with fundraising!

How to Customize your Fundraising Page
This document will help you to personalize your fundraising page by adding pictures, updating text,  creating a friendly URL, and editing your goal. It also provides tips on sending out emails to your supporters!

Fundraising in Your Office
Check out some neat office fundraising ideas and tips to get your team into the spirit of giving.

Our Videos
Watch the Ooch video and send the link to friends/family/co-workers to show them the Magic of Ooch!
Share a Camper Story
What better way to inform your supporters, than by providing a firsthand account from an Ooch Camper, Volunteer or camper parent.

Pledge Form
If you are interested in collecting pledges offline, download this form. In order to participate in the fundraising challenge you must set up an online fundraising page. Note-Camp Oochigeas does not endorse door-to-door fundraising. 

Offline Donations
Read about what to do with the cash and/or cheques you receive.

Search for a Fundraiser
Run for Free


Dedicate your run/walk/cheer to Camp Oochigeas! Commit to raising $3,500, the cost to send one child to Camp Ooch for two weeks.