Offline Donations

Not everyone will be donating online to your fundraising page.  Read below for what to do with cash and cheques received from your supporters.

1) Want immediate updates to your page?

If your supporters give you cash or cheques made out to you personally (NOT to Camp Oochigeas), follow these simple steps that will allow you to update your thermometer right away and email a tax receipt to your supporter: 

  1. Go to your personal fundraising page and hit your ‘Donate Now’ button.
  2. Enter the $ amount from a specific donor and in the Billing Information section enter your donor's information (their name, address, email, phone) NOT YOURS.
  3. Enter in YOUR credit card number.
  4. Once the payment is processed, the charge will be made to your credit card BUT it will be your supporter who receives the emailed tax receipt for the amount they donated.   

2) Mail or hand-deliver cheques (that are made out to Camp Oochigeas) and/or cash along with a pledge form to:

Camp Oochigeas
Attn:  Sporting Life 10k
464 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON M5T 2S6

Download your pledge form!
**Be sure the cheques indicate that this is for the Sporting Life 10k and it includes your full name and team name if applicable (this way we know the $ is to be put toward your fundraising page)**

3) Drop off your pledges to the Camp Ooch booth when you pick up your race kit or on race day.

Camp Ooch will have a booth at the Sporting Life store (Yonge Street, south of Lawrence) during race kit pick up, as well as the start & finish line on race day. Come by to see us and drop off your pledges. We will then add them to your online total within one business day.



Fundraising Goal $1,200,000
Total Raised $1,302,170.48
Run for Free


Dedicate your run/walk/cheer to Camp Oochigeas. Commit to raising $3,500. The cost to send one child to Camp Ooch for two weeks.